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[images/members_free_b.jpg] [keyword [images/ ] search_button.gif] Hi! I'm Julie, welcome to my dirty XXX secret! By day I'm a good neighbor, community organizer, and quiet student. By night I'm a dirty talking sex fiend on a never ending quest to get laid! I've been collecting pictures and videos of myself and my fuck buddies for over 4 years now. My collection has grown to well over 10,000 pictures and 100 hours of video so I decided to put it all on- line for the whole world to see! [images/mainimage.jpg][images/ I'm addicted to fucking myself, guys, spacer.gif] girls, couples and I capture it all on camera for my Web site. Every week I add a new set of pictures and video with details of my latest sexual conquest. In an attempt to satisfy my exhibitionist cravings I also do live cam shows several times a week. I really love getting off in front of a live audience. Anyway, please keep this site a secret, if my neighbors and friends found out they would die! xoxo, Julie [images/latest_updates_label.jpg] [images/ PHOTOS: 01/ CORSET 60 PHOTOS [images/ memb_left_zak_up.gif] 01/08 CUTIES memb_right_zak_top.gif] Allie gave me a call and asked if I knew anything about this sexy girl Nikki she had seen online. Do I know Nikki? Hell yes! And I couldn’t imagine two bigger sex fiends to hook up. My only catch? I wanted to be right in the middle of the action when these hotties got together! As I suspected, sparks flew as soon as [faceimages/p01661198002231.jpg] they were in the same room. Part of me wanted to sit back and watch the tongues go into fast forward, but the perv in me wanted to get my orgasm on!We each showed up in a favorite corset and shared a bottle of wine. Allie and Nikki were looking each other over with lust in their eyes when Nikki leaned forward and planted a deep, soft kiss on Allie’s lips. It was so sexy at... [images/memb_left_zak_down.gif] [images/memb_right_zak_down.gif] [images/ VIDEO: AFTERNOON 5 MIN, 18 [images/ memb_left_zak_up.gif] 12/28/07 SUCK WITH SEC memb_right_zak_top.gif] ANNA Anna and I are known troublemakers. That’s right, a couple of horny girls who do not have any problem telling you how much they want to suck your cock. That is exactly what happened to Jon this particular afternoon. He looked a little surprised by the blunt invite but more than happy to let the two of us work his dick over! We started by laying [faceimages/v01261197342926.jpg] him down on the bed and sliding off his shorts.This was going to be sexy AND fun! I started off with Jon’s rapidly swelling member in my mouth and then handed him off to Anna. I absolutely love watching her take my man’s prick deep into her throat. That girl can really get it in! My mouth was watering for more. Jon’s rod grew and grew between me and... [images/memb_left_zak_down.gif] [images/memb_right_zak_down.gif] [images/ PHOTOS: 12/ KITCHEN 51 PHOTOS [images/ memb_left_zak_up.gif] 25/07 CUTIE memb_right_zak_top.gif] One day Jon called me and said he was coming home from work early. I had been surfing the Internet when he called, checking out some hot new girls on live cams. "I skipped lunch today, can you fix me something so I can eat as soon as I get home?" he asked. I said "sure baby" and did what any good horny girl [faceimages/p00421146948411.jpg] would...I ordered a pizza lol! Now I would have time to play with my pussy before Jon and the pizza guy showed up. I ran into the bedroom and pulled out my favorite toy for my clit. Laying back on the bed with my pants around my knees I ran the vibrator over my box, shivering with pleasure. Circling my clit with that buzzing toy over and over again. I savored every... [images/memb_left_zak_down.gif] [images/memb_right_zak_down.gif] [images/ VIDEO: 12/ HOT ASS 07 MIN, 41 [images/ memb_left_zak_up.gif] 21/07 CHAPS SEC memb_right_zak_top.gif] Ladies, you know how it is. Every once in a while you have to get yourself all dolled up and remind your man how sexy you can be. You’re not just the lady who does the dishes and writes out bills. You’re a hot diva who can drive him wild! To do this, I like to dress up in one of his favorite little outfits and [faceimages/v00421146972599.jpg] greet him at the door after a long day. The other day that’s exactly what I did, dressing up in my denim chaps outfit. He loves the way my ass and pussy show through! Prancing around the living room, I did a sexy little striptease. His eyes lit up for me! This was going to be good. On the table next the couch I had hidden a small white vibrator. I was going to show Jon just how I... [images/memb_left_zak_down.gif] [images/memb_right_zak_down.gif] [images/coming_soon.jpg] JULIE AND [images/ VIDEO: KELLI RED 08 MIN, [images/ memb_left_zak_up.gif] 01/04/08 RUBBER 06 SEC memb_right_zak_top.gif] DOMINATION When Kelli showed me her brand new one- piece pvc red outfit, I thought it was incredibly hot! But, even better, I knew I had a dress that matched it exactly. Mmm yummy a fetish fest with Kelli! I even grabbed my little riding crop for a little discipline. Woo hoo! After some sweet, sensual kissing along each other’s breasts Kelli sat back on the [faceimages/v00431146973087.jpg] couch and spread her long legs for me. Her crotch exposed, I picked up the riding crop and playfully hit her sensitive pussy with it. She squealed and jumped at the mixture between pleasure and pain. I even lightly spanked her swollen nipples with the crop. She smiled and moaned. It’s a hot, sexy sting we both loved. To keep up the contrast between... [images/memb_left_zak_down.gif] [images/memb_right_zak_down.gif] [images/ PHOTOS: SEX IN [images/ memb_left_zak_up.gif] 01/08/08 THE SHOE 108 PHOTOS memb_right_zak_top.gif] CHAIR Jon and I were visiting my girlfriend Kelli's new apartment (she moved in right next door to me!) and she was showing us this cool chair she had, it was shaped like a giant leopard print shoe! We laughed so hard because both Kelli and I LOVE shoes. I told her I just had to get some pictures of this thing! I ran next door for my camera, [faceimages/p00431146935221.jpg] and while I was digging in my drawer for batteries I saw one of my favorite bustiers, this leather and leopard print one. I thought, "this is too much of a coincidence - I think I have to get nasty in that chair in front of the camera!" I packed everything up and headed back to Kelli's. As soon as I walked in I said "Jon, get your cock out its... [images/memb_left_zak_down.gif] [images/memb_right_zak_down.gif] TWO [images/ VIDEO: FRISKY 12 MIN, 22 [images/ memb_left_zak_up.gif] 01/11/08 GIRLS AND SEC memb_right_zak_top.gif] A CAMERA Allie and I were having a lazy afternoon. We had a party to go to later in the evening, but couldn’t decide what to do until then. Lounging around the living room, I watched a huge evil grin spread across Allie’s pretty face. Oh she had a dirty idea going on in there. And I was going to encourage it! “Hmm,” I said, “Maybe you could…lick my [faceimages/v01271198346462.jpg] pussy?!” I added in a big cheesy smile to really “sell it”.But, come on, who am I trying to kid? Allie doesn’t need selling when it comes to licking willing little clits, does she? She didn’t waste any time getting me naked with legs spread across the chaise. I couldn’t believe her surprise when she said, “It’s already wet!” Well, yeah, a smoking hot... [images/memb_left_zak_down.gif] [images/memb_right_zak_down.gif] [images/ PHOTOS: DRUNKEN [images/ memb_left_zak_up.gif] 01/15/08 NIGHT WITH 71 PHOTOS memb_right_zak_top.gif] GINA The last time Gina was in town for the week, we spent a ton of time together. One night we went club hopping on the Vegas strip. Of course, before leaving Gina’s hotel room we had a few drinks…and one dirty mind got together with another (mine haha). I don’t know whose idea the overcoats were, but we wound up dancing in our jackets with [faceimages/p01671198695551.jpg] tiny outfits underneath all night. Mine was not more than the underwear I showed up in haha!As the clubs got hotter and the music louder, the jackets were opened up. Needless to say we didn’t buy many drinks that night! By the time we got back to Gina’s room, we were pretty far gone. I haven’t been that hammered in a long time. We had to remind each other... [images/memb_left_zak_down.gif] [images/memb_right_zak_down.gif] [images/mpps.jpg] [images/ PHOTOS: SANTA’S [images/ memb_left_zak_up.gif] 12/18/07 BADASS 92 PHOTOS memb_right_zak_top.gif] MISTRESS It is almost Christmas! Have you heard the rumors about Santa? They are all over the place, everyone is talking about it. What’s that you say? You know nothing about it?? Oh my friend, let me fill you in on this juicy gossip…all the Hollywood magazines say Santa has a little holiday scandal going on. Yep, sounds like the jolly man is even [faceimages/p01651196439658.jpg] happier this year. He’s got himself a mistress, and I hear she is a real badass!Apparently she lives in Las Vegas, and Mr. Cringle has been seen around town at the strip nightclubs and buffets. A mysterious blonde is always with him. People are even speculating that Christmas might come late this year! Can you believe it? He has been so busy “getting... [images/memb_left_zak_down.gif] [images/memb_right_zak_down.gif] [images/mpv.jpg] INVITED [images/ VIDEO: TO A 24 MIN, 09 [images/ memb_left_zak_up.gif] 11/16/07 SWINGER SEC memb_right_zak_top.gif] PARTY Nicolette & Jake, Brooke & Grant, Anna & Bruce, Jake & Allie, and Jon & I were all in Miami together recently. Someone had the killer idea to have a party, and the good news? YOU are invited! Just follow the sign into our room, where ten people are going at it on every surface you can see. Decide which room you want [faceimages/v01231194050066.jpg] to jump into: the living room where Allie, Bruce, Anna, and Grant are indulging in some oral fun.Or maybe you would like to join Nicolette, Jon, and I in the bedroom as Jon finger fucks us while we have our girlie makeout session. You could even step out on the balcony and fool around with Jake and Brooke overlooking the city, what a thrill that would be,... 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