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Latest Tweets by Reagan Manx:

@kaheins248 hahaha yes I'm alive just haven't been on cams lately

I miss my c slate <3

Never fails, anytime i want to get stuff done law&order comes on...

@BaileyXPaige so are you on mfc too? i haven't done it in a long while...i use a different site now... we should do a show together

I hate packing

Little man passed out <3

sleepy, but it was great chatting with everyone, now its time to get ready for work.... =-/

@DaMiniMuffin lol. No seriously I'm so drained today. I can't like keep my eyes open. Maybe I'll sleep for like a couple hours and workout.

@DaMiniMuffin were stopping to see her sister, and going to Vegas.

Lexyduzzet and I are getting married in buffalo tonight!!!! <3

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