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can’t stress this enough

miss having someone to listen to music with

Hope everyone had a great holiday with family and friends! Let the holiday weekend continue w chill vibes 😎🫶🏻

@MrCue4 😅

Wish someone was here to lay behind me and put it in.

Haven’t been here in a while, what’s new?

This guy used to come over in the middle of the night. Instructions were to just keep my panties on and lay on top…

@rebeccalovexxx Omg thank you so much for this 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I am never in the know

@Rocketman1971 😭🙏🏼😭 so much!!! This is why I never vacation, very stingy haha! Thank you, I love Canada!!!!

@Mdfuntimeguy Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No, not before the end of the year. I was thinking Feb-Mar 23. I click o…

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Sat Feb 18 - 2012 AVN Awards in Vegas Part 2

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Sat Dec 17 - Has it been in my Pussy?

Sat Dec 3 - In My Hotel Room

Sat Nov 19 - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Sat Nov 5 - Behind the Scenes of Bree's Workout

Sat Oct 22 - Behind the scenes at

Sat Oct 8 - Trip to NYC

Sat Sep 24 - Bree in the Hotel Pool

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* Home * About_me * All_updates * Calendar * My_Fans * Blog * Members * Join [] The Official Site Of Bree Olson [Bree] [] [Bree] [Bree in Hungary part 2 of 2] Date: 03-01-2008 See_all_updates [/themes/default/images/calendar_image.gif] What's Bree Up To? Full_calendar [My Webcam] Coming Soon Receive email updates from Bree! Get the latest news, free pics and videos personally selected by Bree. [enter your email address] [Subscribe Now] Read_More_about_Bree [/themes/default/images/aboutme.pic.jpg] Hi! My name is Bree Olson. I am 21 years old and have been in the adult industry for a little over a year. In that year I have worked for several different companies including Adam and Eve,... read_more * Age : 21 years old * Birthday : October 7th * Zodiac : Libra * Height : About 5'3 * Weight : 108 * Turn-ons : Older men, cock in general, porn, knowing guys want to fuck me, letting them fuck me, letting them watch, taping myself getting off. Goodness the sun could rise and it makes me horny! Lol * Turn-offs : Smelly people and major attitude * Favorite Position : Doggy style * Sexual Orientation : Bi-sexual * Addictions : Sex and Coca-Cola read_more Question: Are they REAL? Answer: I get this question a LOT. Of course they are real! So many girls these days totally overdo it with big boob jobs. I guess I got lucky! Question: Do you cook? What is your favorite thing to cook? Answer: Yes, I do. I am also a really good cook. I like the type of food I grew up on in Indiana. People love coming over casue they know I will have any soda or beverage they'd like and all the junk food you can imagine. Tonight I am having seven close friends over and I am making meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, dinner rolls, deviled eggs, and amish buttered noodles. I am not even sure if most of you know what Amish is! Have_a_question?_Ask_Bree_Now! Read_more_of_Bree's_Blog Phone_Sex_with_Bree_Olson 02/20/2008 05:03 PM Sometimes… Okay all the time I am very horny and I love having phone sex! I usually call up chat lines and have phone sex with strangers but I figure why do that when I have members that I love so much? I would love to call you instead. Talking ... Webcam_Update 02/17/2008 11:55 AM Well I dont know if you missed my 2 recent first time webcam shows but I really had fun. If you missed them dont worry I will be having many more soon. I want to do at least one a week but probably alot more. I want to bring some ... My_Dancing_Update… 02/17/2008 11:49 AM I have been dancing for about a month now the times I am in town. (Which is not often) In Fort Wayne Indiana. It’s called Shangrila West and it’s on West Jefferson Blvd. My schedule is whatever days I am available in town from 6-10p although ... A_little_more_about_me… 02/17/2008 11:46 AM Ive gotten a few of your emails and notes (Thank you&keep them coming!!!). And I wanted to tell you a little more about me. Someone asked me about what I am like every day and around home. So here it goes& I am out going and ... See_Other_Polls See_More_Free_Videos! Please upgrade to the latest version of Flash_Player. Click_here if you already have Flash Player installed. See_all_updates [Me and Swiss Balls ] 02-23-2008 Me and Swiss Balls [BONUS field trip] 02-16-2008 BONUS field trip [Me and Joe Blow] 02-09-2008 Me and Joe Blow [Bree in Hungary part 1 of 2] 02-02-2008 Bree in Hungary part 1 of 2 [Just for you ;)] 01-26-2008 Just for you ;) [I'm thinking about YOU...] 01-19-2008 I'm thinking about YOU... [A little tease...come on you can take it!] 01-11-2008 A little tease...come on you can take it! [Me and John West] 12-22-2007 Me and John West Send_a_comment [BONUS field trip] BONUS field trip 10.00 I am glad you enjoyed the aquarium. i saw the sea otters at the long beach aquarium and enjoyed watching them. if your in Albuquerque you should visit our zoo. i would like to take you there. I was there recentlly observing chimps for a anthropology class project. They are fun to watch and we even have a baby chimp. I here you dislike LA. I share your dislike which is why I now live in Albuquerque jbrans on 02-22-2008 Bree Says: What is it like living in New Mexico? When I think of New Mexico I picture a lot of desert and a whole lot of nothing else. Not saying that depiction is correct, just when I hear it thats what I think of.... Anthropology... that sounds like a fun class. I wish that was part of my bingo sheet for school. xoxo Bree [I'm thinking about YOU...] I'm thinking about YOU... 10.00 You are perfect! joecool1969 on 02-20-2008 Bree Says: Mwa! Thank you honey! oxoxoxxo Bree [BONUS field trip] BONUS field trip Cute! 9.00 All those animals looked so cute, especially the deer at the end. We have a lot of those in the town's national park (Tatton Park), and some wild seals as well in the lake. And however much of a legend David Attenborough is, I'd much rather listen to you describing all the wild life, lol. Maybe a 'day in the life of Dr Sniffles' is next ;) ? I'm sure he has a more exciting life than my cat here (sleep, eat and more sleep (he's sleeping on my bed as I type this, lol)). Chris22 on 02-20-2008 Bree Says: LOL You are very funny! I should put on my australian accent and have her creep through the forest of house plants! lol Oh btw Dr.Sniffles is a girl.. Girl can be doctors too ya know! LOL BTW those deer came out of nowhere! It was just houses by the ocean there wasnt any woods for miles on end so it's so bizzare that they were just like chilling in someones yard! Its like where did they come from! Bree * Join * Members | * WebMasters | * Terms | * Privacy | * Support | * Model_Login §18_U.S.C._2257_Record_Keeping_Requirements_Compliance_Statement All models on this site were at least 18 years of age at the time of filming.

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